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What is
the cost?

Our workers’ compensation attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. We are getting paid a percentage of your settlement award. However, your attorney will not receive any portion of your medical costs or your temporary disability payments. Attorneys’ fees in California workers’ compensation cases must be approved by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board. The board determines an appropriate fee on a case-by-case basis by looking at the complexity of your claim.


Where do
I start?

If you’ve suffered an injury because of your job in California, you may be entitled to benefits under California's Workers Compensation Act. If you’re an eligible employee with a work-related injury or illness, the law requires your California employer to pay for your medical treatment and partial wage replacement while you’re away from work and recovering. But if you want to receive these and other workers’ comp benefits in California, it’s your responsibility to file a claim on time.


What to

While your claim is being considered, the insurance company is legally responsible for up to $10,000 of your medical costs, even if it ultimately denies the claim. If your doctor says that you can’t do any part of your job for a while because of your work-related injury or illness, you’re entitled to temporary disability (TD). The payments won’t kick in until you’ve missed three days, unless you’re off work for more than 14 days or you're hospitalized. Call us for more information.


Do I need to fill out the claim form (DWC 1) my employer gave me? Yes. Giving the completed form to your employer opens your workers' compensation case. It starts the process for finding all benefits you may qualify for under state law.

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Those benefits include, but are not limited to: a presumption that your injury was caused by work; up to $10,000 in treatment under guidelines; an increase in your disability payments if they're late. Call us to learn more

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How is my claim finally resolved?

/ The amount of PD

After the amount of PD in a claim is determined, there is usually a settlement or award for benefits. This award must be approved by a workers' compensation administrative law judge. If you have an attorney, your attorney should help you obtain this award.

/ If I don't have lawyer

If you don't have an attorney, the claims administrator should help you obtain the award. If your doctor said further medical treatment for your injury or illness might be necessary, the award may provide future medical care.

/ What is C&R?

You can resolve your whole claim through one lump sum settlement called a C&R . A C&R may be best when you want to control your own medical care and/or you want a lump sum payment for your permanent disability..

/ What is Stip?

You can also agree to a settlement called a stip or stipulation. A stip usually includes a sum of money and future medical treatment. Payments take place over time. A judge will review the agreement.

/ What is trial?

If you cannot agree to a settlement with the claims administrator, you can go before a workers' compensation administrative law judge, who will decide your permanent disability award.


Know you legal rights

What is Temporary disability

Temporary disability pays two-thirds of the gross (pre-tax) wages you lose while you are recovering from a job injury. However, you cannot receive more than the maximum weekly amount set by law.

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What if I disagree with the doctor’s opinion

When there is a disagreement, you may be evaluated by a qualified medical evaluator (QME). To qualify as a QME, a physician must meet additional educational and licensing requirements.

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What are permanent disability benefits

Most workers fully recover from job injuries but some continue to have medical problems. Permanent disability (PD) is any lasting disability that results in a reduced earning capacity after maximum medical improvement is reached.

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How is permanent disability identified

A doctor determines if your injury or illness caused PD. After your doctor decides your injury or illness has stabilized and no change is likely, PD is evaluated. The doctor also determines if any of your disability was caused by something other than your work injury.

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About returning to work:


I really just want to get back to work

Injured workers who return to the job as soon as medically possible have the best outcomes. They recover from their injuries faster and suffer less wage loss. Your decision about returning to work will be influenced by your doctor, your employer and the claims administrator.

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What if I have some job restrictions

Sometimes you can go back to your job with work restrictions if your employer is willing and able to make accommodations. If your doctor says you can go back to work with restrictions but your employer is unwilling or unable to accommodate , you are not required to return to work.

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How is my ability to return to work determined

Returning to work safely and promptly can help in your recovery. It can also help you avoid financial losses from being off work. After you are hurt on the job, several people, including doctors and claims administrators, will work with you to decide when you will return to work .

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